About This Project

Adam J Kurtz is an artist and author. Adam has published five books, he’s collaborated with brands like Urban Outfitters and Dr Martens and he has spoken on stages across the world, from New York to Australia. Adam is most well-known for his scribbled post it notes (in his now infamous handwriting). He has a way of hitting on exactly what we’re all thinking.


He documents the struggles all creatives face as they navigate their career, and these observations let us know that we’re on the right path and help us to realise we’re not the only one who feels this way. I think that’s why his work is so popular and he is seeing such success.


We totally recommend getting his work books, they lure you in with the cute, kitchyness but then bam they’re actually really helpful!




“Some people use instagram as a portfolio, some people use it as a tiny media outlet and I use it as a combination portfolio, media outlet, soapbox, journal and sketchbook. And so sometimes I’m sharing something I’ve made 30 seconds before and then sometimes I’m posting an advertisement for a published work that you can purchase and then sometimes I’m posting a photo of my gay husband, because he’s hot.”


“I have landed in a unique position where for the last four years I’ve worked for myself. Doing mostly my personal work and so the work that was my hobby and my creative outlet has become what I do. And so when a brand comes to me it’s to do my thing.// And so I have landed in this space right now where I kind of get to make what I want to make and earn an income from that. And so I don’t really have to play nice and I don’t really have to bullshit and so there are things that I’m saying on social media that every creative can relate to, but that not every creative can safely communicate because you don’t want to alienate clients, you don’t want to lose a gig .”


“I have friends who do creative work and then after the work is done they feel almost like this pressure from the client, like “hey are you going to share that on instagram? You share a lot of your creative work there.” If a brand wants you to share that work because they want the kickback from your audience, to me that’s an ad. And not only does a brand need to pay for an ad but also// there’s regulations around posting ads on social media and you need to legally disclose those ads. So for a brand to; 1. Act like it’s no big deal to require a post and 2. Act like it’s no big deal to require a post is fucked up. And literally illegal!”