About This Project
Alex Manzi is a podcaster, a positivity and mindset coach, a speaker and a content creator. Alex believes that most people are struggling with boundaries that they’ve put in their own way, through repetitive thoughts and actions. Having overcome our own self imposed boundaries we tend to agree.
In the show, Alex talks about going from factory work to landing a job at BBC 1Xtra as their head of social media. This would be an incredible story on its own, but Alex pictured more for himself and quit the role to go full time into producing his own content. Alex’s podcast ‘The Dreamers Disease’ has reached the top three on the iTunes self-help chart but as we discuss in the episode; his impressive numbers aren’t really a driver for him, it’s the messages of gratitude that he gets from the people he helps that keep him going.


“I’ve spent a lot of my life worrying about what I’m going to be doing in five years, ten years, and that’s done me a lot of harm mentally and emotionally over the years. So for me, it’s really important to find that balance of actually this is the direction I’m heading and want to get to (in that timeframe), but what can I do today and now to work towards that?”
“I always talk about these 1% wins, like whats the 1% that you can do every day that when you add them up they’re going to get you to where you want to be later down the line and just concentrate on those one percents every day and just know that end goal, that big picture is over there and just work on that 1%. “
“The school system isn’t changing to adapt to the way that kids are taking in information and learning and living their lives. It’s staying as rigid as it’s ever been// there’s a big flaw in it because kids aren’t learning in that way any more, they’re just not it’s a fact, they’re not. Because they’re learning through watching things,  they’re learning through doing things, through making things through creating things, by taking in people’s content. They’re not learning by sitting in a room and having someone talk to them for an hour.”