About This Project

Alex Norris is an illustrator and a webcomic artist. Their webcomic, which is imaginatively named; ‘webcomic name’ has grown hugely popular online (we actually talk about how Alex’s instagram has gained 200 000 followers over just six months). Alex has a really interesting business model; by giving away webcomic name for free online, they’re able to build a following and monetise in a number of different ways, from patreon, to merch!




“People are like how can I // get a bigger following on the internet? Just make a webcomic, honestly, webcomics; so many people want to read them and so few people make them it’s just the most beautiful way to be an artist”


“I want to make the most of the internet while you’re able to make money in a more easy way// without being constrained by a bigger system that’s editing you.”