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Crazy news that Creative Rebels debuted at #1 on the iTunes business charts last week! We’re keeping the momentum going with this week’s guest; Alexandra Dudley! Alexandra built an incredibly successful company; her healthy food product was sold by Ocado, Wholefoods and Planet Organic. She took the decision to close down the business because it wasn’t making her happy.

We loved talking to Alexandra about her journey from owning her own company to now, becoming an influencer, writing a book and pursuing what makes her happy. By consistently posting online and by networking, she has built a tribe of supporters that allow her to pursue her dreams.

You can buy Alexandra’s book Land and Sea here:




“You just have to believe in yourself and make stuff; make stuff, show it to people, things happen.”


“You can’t expect people to engage with you if you aren’t offering them anything”


“You’ve got to really differentiate yourself and I think for all of us, even as individuals, it’s really important. It’s scary to think of ourselves as a brand in itself. Even outside of your business, you as a human being, as a person; need to be recognisable. I think if you want to push, especially if you want to push into places that maybe there isn’t room for you, you really have to make the room”


“I’ve pivoted so much that I’m basically dizzy all the time!”


“After art school, I actually had a year out where I was working for a solo show but I spent half my time in my studio and the rest of the time working in retail because I had to pay bills and stuff and I basically didn’t see anyone. I was so focused. I was also building this brand on the side so that as soon it was ready to go and I had enough money I could stop working in retail and do that and do the art. The art sort of fell by the wayside. The Business grew. Three years later I’m staring at an excel spreadsheet stressing out about my ‘annual turnover’ and was like “what am I doing?!”