About This Project

Amy Kean is the author of “The Little Girl Who Gave Zero F**ks”, a story about a little girl who decides to live by her own rules and keep her ‘f**ks’ in her basket. We spoke to Amy about why she wrote the book and how it has helped so many of the girls that have read it so far. Amy made a brave decision to move to a 4 day week in her role as Head of Strategic Innovation at the media network ‘Starcom’, to focus more on writing. As well as Zero F**ks and having multiple poems and short stories published Amy has just completed her first novel.


This was an awesome conversation, from someone who knows all about putting in the hard work to get sh*t done. If you hadn’t guessed, this episode may contain traces of swearing, so if that offends you, this probably isn’t the episode for you!




“It’s really, really, really hard to be yourself and if you choose that path to totally be yourself you’re fucking brave for it// You’ll feel shit, people will laugh at you, people will call you weird because they don’t understand the way you behave, but despite all of those things, it’s still ok and you’ll be happier as a result.”


“Friction between the genders is one thing, but the way women treat other women, I think, en masse is also appalling and we are responsible for each other’s securities// Ranging from, you know, how we judge the way that each other looks// the way that we bully each other, the way that we feel that only a few people can be successful and so we trample all over each other to get there, the nasty things we say to each other, the paranoia that women inspire in other women!”


“This is my advice to anyone that ever says “I think I’ve got a book in me” is “write the fucking book”, write it!”


“People don’t realise how hard you have to work to do stuff// something really interesting about my niece, right, she’s nine and obsessed with loads of YouTubers and Zoella etc// and she sees these amazing lives that these YouTubers have and just immediately assumes that she can just click her fingers and have it// they don’t show how hard they’ve worked and how, you know, they’ve stayed up until 2am editing stuff. They don’t talk about that side.”


“The word ‘fuck’ was created by 16th Century monks// and it was used to describe the unsavoury behaviours of other monks.”