About This Project

Brandon Woelfel is a photographer. Brandon was terrified of getting a 9-5, knowing it wasn’t for him. So, after graduating he started working non-stop on building his profile and began taking photos on small commercial projects. All the while Brandon was posting his work to Instagram and his following started to grow. Quickly. Something about Brandon’s work just resonates with people. The way he plays with light and colour, invites viewers into an alternate universe where they can create their own stories about the characters that he presents. This magic formula has earned him a massive audience of over 3million people. We’re proud that this is the first podcast interview he’s given, we loved this chat and think you will too.




“I think for anyone trying to create, it’s just like your journey. Like, you may take a class in painting and that evolves your work in a different way. So I think it’s all about getting out there and experimenting because you never know what will actually come out of the different parts of your journey// there’s thousands and thousands of photos you’ve never seen from me because I don’t like them or they just didn’t turn out, but without those you wouldn’t have your successful photos that do well or get you a job.”


“I think for me it’s also a thing of pressure; you know like some days I don’t feel like grinding all day, so I won’t. And thinking that someone would have to tell me “you have to do this today” or like be on call at this time. It almost feels like I’d be under more stress// and that’s why I do freelance; I want to do it all on my own. So having that kind of leniency of what I want to do and get done that day is something that’s comforting. So it is a lot of work to work those deals out and jump on those phone calls when it could be someone else [doing it] but at the end of the day it’s all you! ”


“I wasn’t going to go down the same route that my other classmates were// So I kind of took that summer to make it my goal to try it full time. Because you know; graduating from college everyone is like “okay I need to jump into this fulltime career” but something like a 9 – 5 job literally scared me. I was like “I cant do that! Like; no!”. I was like let’s try and work really hard and make it a goal not to have a 9 – 5. It was a lot of travelling// and making little jobs here and there at the end of the year it added up because I was never on break I was always like “let’s get it, let’s get this bread!”


“Social media is not, obviously, the only way, you can get jobs in the photography world. It definitely helps, because you reach all these thousands of people that can see your work. But I would say try working local in your town. I know a tonne of photographers that just do senior portraits or small businesses and you know they just shoot for them and they do well in their own little community and it’s fine// I love photography because there’s just so many different routes you can go. You don’t have to shoot for a giant brand to stay consistent with your income, you can shoot family portraits, there’s just so many different things.”