About This Project

Cindy Gallop is a speaker, consultant and the founder of ‘sex-tech’ startup ‘Make Love Not Porn’. Cindy has spoken on stages around the world and her Ted Talk where Make Love Not Porn was launched has had well over 2million views. Make Love Not Porn is a social sex video sharing platform. Ten years ago we looked at online dating as totally weird, today it’s standard. If Cindy is successful, ten years from now we’ll all be sharing our sex online without reservations. A lot of people already are, as the platform boasts 400,000 users globally.

Cindy is fearless. She says she likes to blow shit up, but she doesn’t do this for no reason, she blows up the boring, the status quo, the way things have always been done. She is the epitome of a creative rebel!




“I designed ‘Make Love Not Porn’ around what I believe is the business model of the future. And this is an important part of the work that I do, both in my consulting and speaking work, which is how I support myself, but also in what I say to our industry about the future of advertising. I observe too many people thinking, either ‘Oh this is our business industry model, this is the only business model that we have ever operated and will ever operate’ or they think there’s a set number of business models out there and we have to operate one of those. Neither is true. Your business model can be anything you want it to be. And in fact a very good way to start is to ask yourself; ‘how would I like to make money?’ Because it’s a safe bet that you’d probably like to make it rather differently than you’re currently making it. So I believe the business model of the future is; shared values + shared action = shared profit.”


“Basically people value you at the value you are seen to put on yourself and so you need to state and project that value.


And how do you do that?


First of all you do it! You don’t talk about it, you don’t wonder nervously about it, you do it. And then secondly you operate the key principal that I always advise. And it doesn’t matter whether this is; you’re interviewing for a job or you are in a performance and pay review or you’re asking for a pay rise or you are putting a proposal to a client. What you ask for is always the highest amount you can say out loud without actually bursting out laughing.”


“So the thing that most motivates me that will make me keep going is the dynamic I call “I’m going to fucking well show you”. You tell me it can’t be done – I’m going to fucking well show you. //(can’t understand the line// and so I have to turn all of the demoralisation and despair and frustration that I feel on a daily basis, into motivation and inspiration.”


“I’m a great believer in be your own filter. When I characterise what I do in that way, it attracts to me the people who want what I do and repels the ones who don’t. And I sure as hell want to repel the ones who don’t because they’re a waste of time, effort and money.”


“A job is not the safe option. Because in a job you are at the complete mercy of market downturns, management changes, industry dynamics. I always say to people; who’s hands would you rather place your future in, those of a large corporate entity, who at the end of the day doesn’t give a shit about you or somebody who will always have your best interests at heart, i.e; you.”