About This Project


Dave Koor is a musician, producer and all around legend. Dave’s story is proof that the music industry has evolved and artists are no longer beholden to the whims of big record labels. He has managed to carve out a creative career; playing live gigs, releasing music on vinyl and online and promoting artists through his label; Albert’s Favourites.


We talk about putting in the leg work by driving boxes of vinyl records round to record stores and getting heard by creating a network of fellow musicians and supporters. Dave is a member of the band ‘The Expansions’ whose Spotify plays exceed 32000 every month. We discuss getting to that stage by setting up dominoes all over the place! This is a great episode and even if you don’t have a musical bone in your body you’re sure to find some value in it.



“You have to pick and choose who you work with out of your friends. I think that’s a lesson that I’ve really, really learnt. You can be mates and you can try working together, and if it doesn’t work then just go back to being mates. Call off the business, it’s not worth doing it because you’ll end up not being in business and not being mates!”



“You have to make a choice between whether or not it’s paying you in pocket or you’re investing time into your business. If you feel you can learn something from what you’re agreeing to do for free, if you can get something from it then you’ve invested in your business.”



“It’s a constant learning process. Never think that you’ve learnt everything, because you haven’t.”