About This Project

Emma Gannon is our first guest on the Creative Rebels podcast.

It’s difficult to say what Emma ‘does’, because she does a lot. For one thing, she’s a best-selling author. Her book; the Multi-Hyphen Method is about exactly that – we don’t have to do just one thing anymore. In this crazy internet age, there is a new breed of ‘multi-hyphenate’ workers, who juggle several income streams and are redefining what ‘work’ should be.

Emma was a really big guest for us; she has a huge audience and is often mentioned in the same sentence as names like Gary Vee and Tim Ferriss. She’s been listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 and is an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust. Emma’s podcast Ctrl Alt Delete has had over 2million downloads and has featured guests like Greta Gerwig, Lena Dunham and Gillian Anderson! She is an expert in media and marketing and this episode is packed with so much tangible advice. If you’re thinking of leaving your current job, or you’d just like more freedom where you work then it’s a must listen.

We speak about how a lot of people are waiting for permission or just need a little push to explore their side projects. Emma left a ‘dream job’ at Condé Nast because she felt that she could do more and in this episode, Adam tells Emma how she actually inspired his girlfriend to ask for every other Friday off work. If hearing the story inspires you to do something similar, please let us know!




If you’ve done something you’re proud of you need to showcase it. Don’t say it an hour into an interview, say it immediately.


Just get out there into the real world. Go to an event, meet people face to face. There’s just so much that can’t be translated across Twitter.


The more you do, the more successful something will be.


The best thing you could do to invest in your future is be more creative.