About This Project

This episode we talk to YouTubers; Zac Alsop and Jamie Rawsthorne from ‘The Zac and Jay Show’.

Zac and Jay’s videos have millions of views across the internet and it’s easy to see why. The pair spends their time creating ‘stories to tell the grandkids’ by putting themselves in mad situations. They’ve snuck into countless festivals, backstage at Glastonbury, London Fashion Week and *allegedly* the Royal Wedding (we cover this on the show). Their biggest stunt so far was when Zac snuck into the Connor McGreggor Vs Floyd Mayweather press conference and ended up walking Connor to the ring as part of his entourage. The video went global and was featured everywhere, from sites like LadBible to major news outlets.

It was interesting to talk to creators that are so early on in their journey but totally smashing it. The boys have good business sense and we discussed brand partnerships and what influencers can expect when working with brands. We also talked about why people that have dreams or ideas often don’t act on them.

This is a really fun episode. There are some funny stories and a couple of gems of advice that you’ll be able to use to help your projects. Enjoy!