About This Project

It was super cool to sit down and chat with Adrienne London. Adrienne is a blogger, speaker, personal trainer and Adidas brand ambassador. With all that going on you wouldn’t think she’d have time for much else, but she’s also a mum and hosts ‘The Power Hour’ podcast. Her podcast hit the Itunes global top 5 within 12 hours of launch and this is a testament to the network of supporters she has built around her.


Adrienne is so happy and overwhelmingly positive. At first glance, it would seem like opportunities just seem to find her, but after listening to this episode you realise that’s because she is so focused and hard working. I think this episode will give you a real insight on what it takes to build an audience and a network around you. The power of ‘being in the room’ and talking to people can open so many doors. I hope this episode pushes people to start making these moves to help grow their opportunities!