About This Project


George Benson is a YouTube content creator who has literally grown up online. He built a huge audience when he was a teenager, through a series of gaming videos and comedy impressions but as he has grown and evolved so has his content. George found a way to maximise an opportunity and pivot into travel blogging and now leverages brand partnerships to not only earn a living but to also see the world. After dropping out of University twice George learnt valuable lessons in the field, by *doing* and has created a life on his terms.



“Quite recently about a year ago all of the negative comments around “ Ah we want you to go back to doing pack opening videos and we want you to go on ‘chat roulette’ on a Friday night and make us laugh with impressions” And I was like; jees! I was a teenager when I was doing this, I’m an adult now, I’m growing up. I need to change with who I am as a person otherwise I’m going to get lost in this rabbit hole of depression. I’m going to get lost in this rabbit hole of worrying too much about what people think of me and ending up looking at what I’ve done in five years time and being like; if only I could’ve just ignored it. If only I could’ve just stuck on the path that I chose as opposed to the one that people are trying to choreograph for me; It’s never going to work out.”


“When you’re a ‘youngster’ you never really want to spend say, seven, eight hundred pounds on a flight, because like, do I get something in my hands for seven, eight hundred pounds. For me at the time it was getting new screens or getting new games or buying Fifa points or something. That’s where I wanted to spend eight hundred pounds, so the idea of getting on a plane and spending seven hundred pounds and then at the end of it I’m in a new place but I don’t have anything new in my hands; that was a kind of childish mindset that I had to get out of because like okay well, if you spend a little bit of money you then put yourself in a whole new environment that sparks whole new levels of creativity. Which in turn makes more content which then can make you more money and build your brand, build your business. ”


“f I did have a boss and someone telling me what to do, would I be happy? No. Because I’ve always tried to go away from having that someone above me to control me and tell me what to do. Even in school, being told I had to go and do this assignment. In my head I kind of knew already that it wasn’t going to// give me anything other than that ‘tick’ to say I’ve done it, like ‘good job you got your work done’ it’s like; okay, but what does that mean? So I don’t ever want to go back to having someone tell me ‘you must do this by this time’ ‘you have to do this’// being accountable only for me is the best thing ever because when I do screw up it just gives me so many windows of opportunity to grow as a person.”


“Any negative comment that you see on anything, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, is all a reflection of someone’s insecurities behind that keyboard. And that’s sad. I really genuinely feel for these people. At first I’d start being sarcastic in responding back but when you see it like that it’s like; well these people are commenting negative things because they have a lot of things going on in their lives that’s wrong, that’s when you can”