About This Project


Lisa King is a print designer and artist. She has created prints for names like Diane Von Furstenberg and Armani before launching her own fashion brand in 2013.


Lisa worked as the right hand of William Baker (Kylie Minogue’s creative director) and his mentorship gave her the confidence she needed to step out on her own. Lisa is never afraid to set her self deadlines, jump in at the deep end and create her own opportunities.




“I remember sitting in my flat// with a white piece of paper and I was like okay, I’m going to give myself two months and then I’m going to go to premier vision which is the big fabric fair in Paris and I need to put together a portfolio, I just had to teach myself to draw again!”


“I never used to share my process, I always used to be like oh here’s the finished work, here’s the scarf, there you go! And my friends were like Lis’ you send photos to us of you painting something in the studio or you drawing. Why aren’t you sharing that with other people? // When you’re selling to stores you only ever really show the finished product but actually what people is authenticity.”


“I really think print should transcend product and surface and I ideally want to use it as a platform for collaborating with other people, that’s what I’m really interested in. I’m interested in designing print for film or putting it, as you guys do; on the side of buildings// and I really like the idea that you can take inspiration from anything and turn it into pattern and put it onto something that has nothing to do with the original inspiration.”