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This week’s guest is Manon Lagreve, fresh out of the Great British Bake Off pressure cooker!


Using the show to springboard her career, this is a really interesting time for Manon. After this conversation, it feels like she’s always been preparing for this moment. Years ago her only option would have been to open a bakery; in 2019 her options are almost limitless. It’ll definitely be exciting to see what she does next.


In this episode, Manon describes growing up on a French farm, what it was like being on TV and her future plans. The timing for this episode was perfect as we caught the chef the day after she quit her 9-5!


Quote: YouTube you watch videos and you learn about it. WordPress is the same. It’s quite rewarding to do it on your own and anyone can do it.


Quote: When I’m not happy I don’t write anything. We always have bad days we always have bad moments and I think as long as you know that it’s not the right time for you to write something today, then just don’t do it or don’t fake it.