About This Project


Marine Tanguy is the founder of MT Art Agency. Marine career started in a crazy way, we discuss how she went from working in a gallery to owning her own gallery, to becoming disillusioned with the whole industry and starting MT Art, an agency that “invests in artists, not in art”, giving their ever-growing roster of artists new opportunities to exhibit and sell their works.


Marine is also passionate about positive mental health and leveraging social media to curate a feed that inspires us, rather than making us anxious over what we don’t have or who we aren’t! Marine has given multiple talks on the topic including two Tedx talks and her project ‘Visual Diet’ is designed to actively combat our overindulgence of junk food for our eyes.




“Music, sport and film, really build up their stars. They make them worldwide famous and they give them an enormous voice for them to inspire people. What if I could do the same for people that actually talk about sustainability, cultural integration, great messages, through art. Who I genuinely believe, if they have that voice they will use it to do something amazing.”


“La Louvre has 1 million followers, Kim has 120 million followers, what are we doing? We are spending degrees, masters, PHDs studying visual content, trying to produce valuable visual content and we are not trying to make it mainstream.”


“Maybe the thing is to talk about ‘visual diets’ where you don’t consume five hours of junk food a day but you are currently consuming visual junk food all the time and can we create awareness around that.”


“I was always quite good at convincing because don’t forget that my Dad told me no on everything since I’m ten//recently there was a project, it was for Tate and someone told us “No, you can’t do that” but when you’re like a kid and you’re used to convincing people, if someone tells you no you just go to the next person next door and say please can I have it!”


“At ten I was told by my Dad that I was not worth much, that I couldn’t do most of the stuff that I wanted to do// I always used to go and beg Granny, go and beg the cousin and just be resourceful if I wanted to achieve something// it goes back to my relationship with ‘no’, I was shown very early on the people at the hierarchy of your authorities may not be justified as to why they have this authority”