About This Project


Paul Elliot is a filmmaker, a musician, a DJ and an artist as well as being a good friend of ours. This episode is packed with useful advice and tactics; from finding the best time of day for your creativity, to which crowdfunding platform to use! Paul’s films are self-financed and have led him to some incredible adventures, travelling the world and even interviewing Paul McCartney.


Paul talks about the importance of finding things that interest you; the things that you enjoy doing and that make you happy. We talk about our teenage years, the journeys we’ve taken and how our vows of never getting a ‘proper job’ have worked out. We really loved recording this episode and we hope you enjoy it!




“Everything I do I really enjoy doing and so I’ll find time and I’ll make time to do everything. So I probably work more in terms of time, per week, than somebody with a ‘normal job’”


“It does take that determination and that drive and the willing to be a bit uncomfortable, I think. And that’s another thing that probably puts some people off what they want to do, it’s the fact that you can’t be lazy// You’ve got to be uncomfortable, you’ve got to try and push yourself and do things that are going to be hard. And you probably aren’t going to earn any money for a while. And if you do earn some money it might be rubbish, for a while. So there’s loads of pros and cons to it, but the biggest thing really is not money// the important thing is; to try and be happy and try and be less stressed.”


“How do you self-finance? Well, you look in your bank and you say “have I got enough to get the train to get to wherever I need to go today” and if you have, you do it. Because you don’t know what’s going to come out of doing it. It could be a complete waste of time but you could meet somebody that’s going to give you twenty opportunities over the next ten years. And it’s best, really, to meet as many people as possible.”


“When I’m on my death bed and I’m looking back and thinking, well, you know I really should’ve made that film// I’m not gonna do that I’m gonna say, well I made that and I did this. And everything is complete. Whether or not people like it is another story. Whether or not I’m successful. The only way you can gauge success I think is to see whether or not you’re happy”


“Just try and be happy. It doesn’t matter what it is. It’s that stamp collecting thing. If that makes you happy then that’s fine. Not that I know anything about stamp collecting and I’m sure you don’t either….”