About This Project


Paul McGregor is a mental health advocate. He makes lots of content around mental health, suicide awareness and prevention and is a positive force in a lot of people’s lives.


I was struggling to put a coherent sentence together, asking Paul about his Dad’s suicide Paul is such a pro that he handles it with ease, but I think it was interesting how difficult talking about death can be. We wanted to focus more on Pauls process in this episode than lingering too much on the stats of depression and suicide and ended up with what I think was a very positive and uplifting episode.



“Talking about something as open and vulnerable and honest as I do now, I don’t have to worry about perfecting it, it’s purely what I’m trying to get across”


“I remember putting a video on Twitter and it got 20 views. And it’s quite embarrassing to get 20 views, especially when you’re pouring your heart out about mental health and the old me with that ego would’ve been like ‘delete that video and never post on Twitter again’ but all it was, was I left it up there and then I put another video out. 20, 30 views. Another video out and it got a lot of retweets and that hit, I don’t know, like 6/ 7thousand views. So then the next time you put a video out you’re going to hit 100 views and then you just continue the process.”


“There are pieces of content that I’ve created that I’ve scripted out, that I’ve researched and thought ‘this is going to do amazingly’ and it’s just bombed like no one’s been interested. And then there are a few videos where I’ve grabbed a camera in my car and started speaking about a topic that was on my mind at that time that have done extremely well.”