About This Project

Rhiannon Lambert is a nutritionist, author and online content creator. Early on, it looked like everything was going one way; Rhiannon was set to be a world-famous opera star. She tells us why everything changed and how this set her on the path to becoming a nutritionist. We talk about the early days of setting up her practice, to now working with huge celebrities and harnessing the power of social media to grow her empire.


Rhiannon has a fascinating podcast; ‘Rhitrition’ all about food and nutrition. She’s interviewed guests like Gary Barlow and Lisa Snowdon and covers topics like how food can affect your mood.




“Another problem has come up again with lots of people following online influencers for nutrition advice and it’s extremely worrying. The amount of people I end up replying to instagram DMs// They want someone to tell them it’s okay or I can do this but even worse is when I get mums messaging me saying “you know, my baby’s feeling this; xyz, what should I give them for this, what foods can I have?” and I’m thinking; how can I possibly know? I spend an hour with my clients in clinic. I go through their digestion, their immunity, their family history, I go through their lifestyle. It’s so un-ethical but unless you’ve had that training, I think people in a position of influence, maybe are thinking they are helping// saying “oh, this is what I do// you should do that too!” and it’s really worrying because they don’t know anything about this person that’s messaging them, but they think they’re helping!”


“It really came down to me to bring in clients and that’s the hard thing no one tells you. And I didn’t dream I’d ever make a living of clinic. I thought; this is impossible, I’ll get one client maybe every two weeks. I didn’t ever think I’d have a fully packed clinic like I do now”


“I was on Twitter, whenever a journalist would come up, the big moment was Imogen at The Sun at the time and I remember seeing a feature on Twitter comparing an avocado to a Mars bar and I replied being like “this is so wrong, how can you even do this?” and she just sent me a private message on twitter saying “would you like to comment in the article?” I was like “yes please! Great! I’ll put the record straight!”// and I started to get all this traction in the press and I would just be the person they’d go to, to comment in all these various features.”


“You want to have fun with what you do and I’m such a believer in team playing in the sense that if you support one another you’re empowering someone else. I think the phrase is; “an empowered person empowers others” and it’s really true! You don’t get somewhere over night, it takes graft, it takes time but also it makes your life more enjoyable and you’re giving something back to someone else and I’m a big believer in karma. I just think; the more you can help the more enjoyable your life will be and the person you’re helping”