About This Project
Sarah Malcolm is a yoga teacher, recipe developer, content creator and blogger. We had to get Sarah on the show because she supports herself through her hobbies and interests, which is what we’re all about! Building her profile has presented her with lots of opportunities, collaborating with various brands in the food, wellness, yoga and travel spaces.
Sarah spent time working at ‘Deliciously Ella’, and whilst her role was not something she wanted to do forever, she used the opportunity to learn as much as she could about the industry and creating recipes. It was at this point she began to understand food as a business.
Despite being told “No one cares about your breakfast” on Instagram when she was just starting out, Sarah kept posting. Turns out a lot of people *do* care and she has built a 10k following on the platform.
We loved chatting with Sarah on this episode. She’s done so much already and she’s just getting started.