About This Project

Shannie was an intern at Iris, one of the biggest agencies in the world, when she caught the attention of the CEO, Dan Saxby. Together they launched the Elephant room, an alternative advertising agency, which champions creativity and diversity.

Shannie describes her journey, growing up in Birmingham and her decision to move to London. She is a testament to what’s possible as soon as you start getting out there and ‘creating’. She says that she has a creative mind even though she is not artistic and we believe that it’s this attitude that has helped her achieve so much. Shannie gives without expectation, continually connecting people and encouraging collaboration. Her role at GUAP magazine is more than a side hustle but somehow she manages to work on this as well as other projects, creating exposure for new artists and collaborating with brands.

We loved this chat, it went a little longer than most of our interviews, but we didn’t think we should cut it down because there was so much gold!!