About This Project

Toure is a writer, a journalist, a podcaster and has published 5 books. He has interviewed icons like Rhianna, Zadie Smith, Tiffany Haddish, Wu Tang, Santigold, Travis Scott, Biggie Smalls and Lady Gaga (and loads more!)We actually learnt loads about interviewing from Toure and he was kind enough to spend time off mic, helping us with some interview tips. If you’re a writer we strongly recommend you check out his new podcast “Free MFA” which is basically all the info you’d get from a uni course, except it’s free!




“The business only fails when you quit. If you go bankrupt that’s not necessarily a failure, you could keep going through bankruptcy, look at Trump! Your art, it fails when you quit. If you just keep going even when you haven’t booked a movie in a year, you haven’t accomplished this, you haven’t gotten your goal, but you keep going; you’re still going.”


“One of my later features was on Kanye, his first album// 58.26 It took him like an hour to //finish getting dressed, while I’m waiting for him, I’m walking around the apartment, it wasn’t that big. And there’s a giant poster of Kanye on one of the walls, where he’s in performance. So when he finally came out// it was like so; why do you have a poster of you on the wall in your house? And he said “Well, I have to cheer for me before anyone else can cheer for me. I am not encouraging anyone listening to this to actually put a poster of yourself on the wall. But to have that level of belief in yourself.”


“Nobody is ever going to believe in you, more than you. Maybe if you’re lucky your Mom will believe in you more than you, but outside of that.. If you don’t believe in you and your capabilities and your product 100% then you have nothing.”