Creative Rebels is hosted by Adam Brazier & David Speed.


In 2010 we started our first business, Graffiti Life. Back then; there were no real community platforms, advice or podcasts. Social media wasn’t what it is today. With no established blueprint to follow, our small team stood on a high street, drawing on a canvas and handing out business cards, hoping to be noticed.


In the years that followed we have generated a massively successful business. Our team has grown from three to fifteen and we regularly make art for global brands like Nike, L’Oreal and Disney.


We’ve also expanded in other ways. We’ve opened a tattoo studio, a company focused on creative out of home advertising, an interior design project and a gardening club, amongst other things!


With all this in mind…we want to share our story, hear stories from around the world and help creatives trying to make it.